Auditing Classes

Students who audit courses attend classes without receiving grades or credit. Students must meet all prerequisites for the courses they audit. Students who audit courses must pay the regular tuition, admission, and registration fees. They must attend classes during the same periods as students who will receive grades and credit for the courses. Students who audit courses receive all course materials (except tests) available to credit students. Instructors may provide practice tests for audit students if they deem it appropriate. Students who wish to audit classes must receive approval from the appropriate division dean prior to registration; the dean will notify the instructor of the audit approval. Students must complete and sign an audit form and obtain signatures from the appropriate division dean before submitting the form to the Registration and Records Office. Audit forms are available on the college website. Students may register to audit courses on a space available basis only during the late student registration period. Students may not change from credit status to audit status or vice versa once the term starts, including during the official drop/add period. The executive director of registration and records will not change audit grades to credit grades after students complete the course.

Students may not use financial aid to pay tuition and fees for courses they audit. Because auditing courses may affect financial aid status, students receiving financial aid must report to that office to disclose their auditor status.

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