Transcript Requests

All transcripts issued include the student's entire academic record. Students must submit a completed Transcript Request form to the Registration and Records Office on the Athens Campus, the Student Affairs Office on the Elbert County Campus, the Director's Office on the Walton County Campus, or the Director's Office at the Greene County Campus. On the Transcript Request form, students must provide their names as recorded on official Athens Technical College records, their college identification numbers, their programs of study, their dates of enrollment at the college, complete information on where the Registration and Records Office is to mail or email the transcripts, and their signatures. Transcript Request forms are available on the college website. Students may print unofficial transcripts from their BannerWeb accounts at any time.

Students must pay a fee of $5 for each official transcript issued. Students may pay a fee of $25 to obtain one or more official transcripts on demand. Students will be assessed an additional fee if they request to have their transcripts sent by certified or overnight mail. This policy also applies to transient students from other institutions.

The Registration and Records Office will not issue transcripts to students who are financially indebted to the college.

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