Catalog 2013-2014

Transient Status for Athens Technical College Students

Students who are pursuing diploma or associate degree programs of study at Athens Technical College may occasionally wish to take courses at other regionally accredited colleges for transfer to Athens Technical College. Such students should first seek the advice of their respective program advisors and/or the Registration and Records Office to ensure that transient student status will meet residency and other graduation-related requirements. Regular admission students seeking transient status must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing. Students who do not declare a program of study (special admission status) are ineligible to be transient students at other institutions.

Athens Technical College approves transient student status only for courses included in (or equivalent to those listed in) programs of study offered at the college. Students must satisfactorily complete all course prerequisites before gaining transient approval. Transient admission is for one term only; students must submit transient request forms each term they plan to enroll in courses at other colleges. Requests to take online courses offered by other Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) colleges must be submitted using the online process at To request face-to-face classes at TCSG colleges or at other regionally accredited colleges, students must complete a transient credit request form, which is available on the college website. Students must print and complete the form before submitting it to the Office of Academic Affairs on the Athens Campus.

The vice president for academic affairs will verify that students are currently enrolled and are in good academic standing. The vice president will also determine whether the courses they plan to take as transient students apply to their programs of study. If students satisfy the criteria, the vice president will approve the request.

After completing courses, transient students must request that the registrars at the other colleges send official transcripts to the Athens Technical College Registration and Records Office. That office will award transfer credit for courses completed with grades of C or higher. Students should access their student records via BannerWeb to verify that the transfer credit has been awarded.