General Registration Information

Students should check for announcements regarding registration dates. Registration for returning students normally begins during the week after midterm each semester. Because Athens Technical College has multiple campuses, different section numbers are used to identify where the college offers classes each semester. Students may search for classes by campus when registering for classes each semester. The following section numbers identify specific class locations:

Sections Campus
1 through 29 Athens
30 through 39 Elbert County
40 through 49 Walton County
50 through 59 Greene County
60 through 69 Virtual/Online Courses
70 through 79 Sections with restricted enrollment offered at high schools or other off-campus locations
80 through 89 Hybrid Courses
90 and above Web Enhanced Courses

Eligibility — New students with an official letter of acceptance to the college and returning students may register for classes.

Drop/Add — Students may add classes to their schedules via their BannerWeb account during the first three days of each semester. Students may add classes to their schedule in person at the Registration and Records office on the Athens Campus or at the administration offices on the Elbert, Greene, and Walton Campuses on the fourth and fifth day of each semester. Students are not permitted to add classes to their schedules or switch to other sections of a course after this time. Students may need to see an advisor to obtain clearance to add a course if an advisor has not approved for them to take the course. Students need to be aware that adding classes may affect their financial aid.

Students may drop classes via their BannerWeb account during the first three days of any semester without academic or financial penalties. Classes dropped during this period will not appear on academic transcripts. Students who are trying to drop their entire schedule of classes (or the only class they are enrolled in for the semester) must contact the Registration and Records Office at for assistance.

Students who drop classes after the third day of the semester will not receive a refund of tuition and fees. Furthermore, they will receive a grade of W, WP, or WF for courses dropped after the third day. This grade will appear on academic transcripts. Students need to be aware that dropping classes may affect their financial aid.

Student Course Schedule — Students should review their schedules and their fee assessment forms after each registration activity. These documents serve as proof of course registration should questions arise. Students should print or save copies of the documents as part of their permanent records.

Student Responsibilities — Students must become knowledgeable about registration procedures and follow them explicitly. Any deviation from the prescribed procedures may result in registration delays or errors in the schedule. Advisors are available to students for academic advisement and selection of classes, but applicants do not receive approval for academic advisement or registration until the Admissions Office formally accepts them into the college.

Registration Errors — Students are responsible for completing the appropriate forms and procedures for registration or changes to registration. In addition, they must verify that their schedules of classes are correct. Registration and Records Office is not responsible for errors resulting from students not following the proper procedures or not verifying their schedules at the time of registration. Students should report any registration problems to

Required Classes — If students enrolled in specific programs of study refuse to take appropriate program-related courses, the Admissions Office may reclassify them as special admission students.

Tuition/Fee Payment Deadline — Enrollment is not complete until students complete registration and pay tuition and fees. Students must pay tuition, fees, and other charges by the Tuition/Fee Payment deadline as listed on the Academic Calendar (see Academic Calendar). Students who owe money to the college after the Tuition/Fee Payment deadline will be administratively withdrawn from classes before the next term begins. Failure to pay an instructional or technology support fees, supply fees, malpractice insurance, graduation fee, radiation badge fee, fuel surcharges, or any other fee or charge not covered by financial aid and not electronically authorized will result in students being withdrawn from their classes (see Electronic Authorizations in the Financial Aid section). Students who are administratively withdrawn from classes will have to pay a $45 late fee to re-register for classes during the official Drop/Add period as listed on the Academic Calendar (see Academic Calendar).

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