Catalog 2021-2022

FSSE 1000 First Semester Seminar 3-0-3

This course is designed to introduce first-time college students to the campus resources and academic skills necessary to achieve their educational and career goals. Emphasis is placed on promoting connections between student needs and college resources, and the development of college-level learning and success skills (study skills, career exploration, goal planning, time management, financial planning). Through the use of academic strategies and self-discovery, students will acquire knowledge and skills to help them succeed in college and in life. 

FSSE must be taken during students' first term of enrollment. Students who meet any of the following criteria are exempt from taking FSSE 1000:

  1. Successful completion of 30 semester hours of transfer credit from another institution upon admission to Athens Technical College.
  2. The Student has previously earned an associate's degree or higher.
  3. Previously have completed COLL 0099 and also have completed the COMP 1000 course.
  4. Any other combination of coursework as approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Offered every semester





Syllabus for this course