Catalog 2022-2023

Change of Major

Students who plan to change majors must complete the Program Change Form available from the Admissions Office. Students wanting to change to a health major must satisfy additional criteria not included in the General Admission Requirements section and be selected for admission to the program (see Admission Processes for Selective Admission Programs).

Students must obtain the signature of a staff member in the Financial Aid Office before submitting program change forms to the Admissions Office. For program changes to become effective for the following semester, students must submit the completed forms to the Admissions Office by the dates indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Admissions counselors must review students' placement test scores each time they change majors or move from diploma level to associate degree level coursework. If scores are below the threshold needed for admission to the desired new programs of study, the Admissions Office may require students to retake the ACCUPLACER placement examination. Furthermore, students who do not achieve the minimum test scores needed for regular admission to their new programs must complete any prescribed learning support courses.