Catalog 2023-2024

Withdrawing From Classes

Withdrawal Process - Students may withdraw from courses and receive a W by withdrawing on or prior to the W deadlines posted on the Registration and Records Supplemental Calendar, which is available on the Registration and Records page of the Athens Technical College website. Students who withdraw from classes on or before this date automatically receive grades of W, which do not affect semester or cumulative grade point averages or academic standing (see Grading System). Students who stop attending classes without formally withdrawing from courses risk earning final grades of F which appear on academic transcripts.

Students seeking to withdraw from one or more classes must submit a completed Withdrawal Form directly to the Registration and Records Office (Athens Campus) or via email to from their email account. Incomplete Withdrawal Forms as well as those that are submitted from any email address other than an ATC student email account will not be accepted or processed and will require a resubmission of the Withdrawal Form. Students should keep copies of Withdrawal Forms and/or email records of course withdrawals.

Students are not eligible for a refund when they withdraw from classes. Withdrawing from classes may affect students' satisfactory academic progress and the amount of financial aid they receive for the semester. Students may also have to repay a portion of the tuition and fees that financial aid cannot cover because of the withdrawal (see Withdrawing From or Dropping Classes in the section on Financial Aid). Prior to submitting a Withdrawal Form, students planning to withdraw from one or more classes should meet with a Financial Aid representative at ATC and their assigned academic advisor to discuss options, program completion timelines, and potential repercussions.

Final Withdrawal Deadlines - The Registration and Records Office will not accept withdrawal requests after the final withdrawal deadline for each part of term, as listed on the Registration and Records Supplemental Calendar. Please note that withdrawal requests will not be accepted if submitted for a previous semester or previous part of term.