Catalog 2014-2015

Academic Advisement

Advisement at Athens Technical College focuses on meeting the college's mission of providing educational programs and services that foster lifelong learning, facilitate workplace success, and promote economic development. Thus, advising assists students with educational and career planning, as well as the personal development needed to reach their career goals.

Academic advisement allows faculty advisors and students to work together to develop educational plans that support meaningful and realistic career goals. The role of advisors is to assist and mentor, but students are ultimately responsible for developing and implementing their goals and plans. Athens Technical College established the following outcomes of advising:

  • To assist students in identifying and evaluating their interests, abilities, and short- and long-term goals.
  • To guide students in formulating plans to pursue those goals and to assess their progress toward those goals.
  • To provide information to students about college policies, procedures, resources, and programs related to their personal and educational goals and needs.
  • To enable students to use technology and other college resources to monitor their own progress, to reconsider or modify their goals if appropriate, and to initiate and complete college processes such as registration
  • To assist students in developing self-understanding, self-acceptance, decision-making skills, and other personal development skills needed for educational planning, career development, and productive participation in the economy of Georgia

Faculty advisors schedule office hours and consult with students each semester to plan appropriate class schedules. In addition, the college holds advising days each semester so that students can meet with their faculty advisors during convenient hours. Academic advisors are also available in the Advisement Center to assist students with advisement issues. Students may schedule appointments with the academic advisors in the Advisement Center by calling (706) 357-0004 or by sending an email to