Catalog 2015-2016

Admission Processes for Selective Admission Programs

Because admission to many programs in the Division of Life Sciences and Public Safety is competitive, applicants to those programs must satisfy additional criteria not included in the section on general admission requirements. Applicants must submit all required documentation prior to the application deadlines listed in the Selective Admission Programs Application Deadlines section in order to receive consideration for admission. Applicants can access the specific admission requirements for their chosen program by clicking on the following links:

Students attempting to enter selective admission programs must also electronically submit an Intent to Enroll form. Applicants interested in the programs offered in the Division of Life Sciences and Public Safety are encouraged to attend one of the monthly information sessions held on the Athens Campus.

Applicants who are on academic probation or are academically dismissed from the college as of the application deadline will not be considered for acceptance to a selective admission program. Furthermore, only in the event that the program slots cannot be filled with Georgia residents who meet the minimum admissions criteria can out-of-state students be admitted to a selective admission program.

The Admission Office staff admits competitive admission program applicants to the college without admitting them to their desired programs of study. Enrollment in the college (but not in the program) allows students to complete any learning support classes and required general education/academic core and health core courses prior to admission to specific health-related programs of study. This process does not guarantee that students will gain admission to their programs of choice. The Admissions Office staff admits applicants to the college as Health Care Science program students/applicants for competitive associate degree-level programs or Health Care Assistant program students/applicants for competitive diploma-level programs.