Catalog 2015-2016

No-Show Policy

Instructors submit as no shows the names of students who do not attend any of the class sessions during the first week of the academic term; they submit the names to the Office of Registration and Records by the deadline identified on the academic calendar. Students taking online courses must log onto the online instructional system within the first five days of the start of the academic term and complete the specified academic assignment as directed by the course instructor. Otherwise, instructors will report students as no shows. Students taking self-directed/individualized instruction courses must meet with their instructors during the first five days of the academic term to finalize class schedules. Otherwise, instructors must report those students as no shows.

The director of registration and records removes no-show students from their classes, and instructors do not allow students to begin attending classes during the second or subsequent weeks of the academic term. The college refunds 100 percent of the tuition and fees students paid for the courses in which instructors reported them as no shows. Students reported as no shows in one, but not all, classes will be ineligible for refunds if the credit hours of their remaining classes total 15 hours or more. The Financial Aid Office will not award aid benefits for courses in which instructors report students as no shows.

This policy does not apply to those students who attend at least one class session; complete the specified assignment in an online class, or meet with instructors of self-directed/individualized instruction courses during the first five days of the academic term, but later stop attending classes. Those students must complete the formal withdrawal process as outlined in Withdrawing from Classes policy or risk earning grades of F for the courses.