Catalog 2015-2016

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Many private individuals, companies, and organizations offer their own merit-based and need-based scholarships each year. Students must apply for these scholarships directly through the private individual, company, or organization. The Financial Aid Office posts information on externally-funded scholarships on the college website and sends emails to currently enrolled students via their email accounts to inform them of the scholarships currently available to students; however, students are encouraged to find and apply for this source of funding on their own.

Staff in the Financial Aid Office are available to assist students in completing applications and for obtaining information on different scholarship programs and opportunities. Several search engines are available on the Internet to help students find external scholarship opportunities. Students should begin their searches on the following websites:

The Financial Aid Office must process and administer external scholarships in order to verify enrollment and other eligibility requirements. Students must meet with the scholarship coordinator each academic term in order to complete the appropriate paperwork. The Financial Aid staff will not disburse scholarship funds without signatures and permission of students.