Catalog 2016-2017

ACCUPLACER Retesting Policy

Applicants admitted to the college on provisional admission status are eligible to retest once in each content area after waiting a minimum of 30 days from their original test dates. In order to retest, students must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the ACCUPLACER Retest Registration form, which is available online.
  • Pay a retesting fee. The fee for retesting is $15 per content area in which students wish to retest.
  • Submit the completed registration form and payment no later than a minimum of 24 hours prior to the desired testing date. Applicants admitted to the college on provision admission status will be placed in the appropriate learning support courses if they do not meet regular admission status after retaking the placement exam. Placement is based on their highest placement test scores for each content area.

Applicants who fail to achieve the minimum placement examination scores in any content area will be referred to the adult education centers in their counties of residence for remediation in the appropriate content areas. Applicants may retest upon completion of remediation. Applicants who do not meet minimum placement examination scores after retesting must completed the following steps:

  • Complete a minimum of 40 hours of classroom preparation in the specified content areas through their local adult education programs.
  • Acquire a minimum of eighth grade level score on the Complete Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) level D in the specified content areas. Instructors at the local adult education programs administer this test. 
  • Receive a testing report form from their local adult education programs documenting the results. This form is required to schedule subsequent retest appointments.


High School Students: Currently enrolled high school students who are applying for programs and courses offered through the Move on When Ready (MOWR) and Joint Enrollment programs must achieve regular admission scores on the placement examination in order to gain admission to Athens Technical College. High school applicants who do not achieve regular admission scores must improve their scores in all areas of weakness before they may be considered for admission while in high school. Currently enrolled high school students who do not achieve regular admissions scores in all basic skills areas when they test for the first time will be allowed to retest in the identified areas of weakness after waiting a minimum of 30 days after their initial testing sessions. Applicants are encouraged to engage in self-study prior to retesting in order to improve their chances of success. A variety of test preparation materials are available through the Testing Services link, the ACCUPLACER preparation link, and the Library link on the college website. High school students who are seeking admission to the MOWR and Joint Enrollment programs must meet the following requirements if they fail to achieve the minimum scores in all required areas after the initial retest:

  • Wait a minimum of 30 days from their previous test date.
  • Provide official documentation from their high schools verifying the successfully completed the high school classes during the semester in which the last retest was administered. Successful completion is defined as passing all courses with grades of C or higher.

Upon meeting these requirements, high school students will be eligible to retest a subsequent time each semester as long as they remain eligible for MOWR admission or joint admission to the college.

High school seniors who are not applying for MOWR or joint admission status will be permitted to retest after 30 days have passed since their original test date.