Catalog 2016-2017

Transient Student Admission

Students enrolled at other colleges and universities may occasionally wish to take one or more courses at Athens Technical College and transfer the credit to their home institutions. Transient admission is for one semester only; transient students must submit transient letters from their home colleges each semester they plan to enroll in courses at Athens Technical College. Students who have been academically dismissed from their home institutions are ineligible for transient student status at Athens Technical College. The Admissions Office staff will award transient status to applicants who submit the following items:

  • Letters of transient approval from their home institutions that indicate their academic standing and the courses approved for enrollment. If transient approval letters do not list academic standing and approved courses, applicants must also provide official transcripts from their home institutions to document that they have met the course prerequisites established by the faculty of Athens Technical College. Transient students students are not eligible to register for courses for which they have not met the prerequisite requirements. They must also satisfy the corequisite requirements established by the faculty.
  • Completed Athens Technical College application for admission and a nonrefundable $25 application fee. (Students applying for transient status for a second or subsequent time will only pay a $15 readmission fee.)
  • Financial aid transient letters from their home colleges to the Financial Aid Office at Athens Technical College (if applicable).
  • Completed transient course request forms to the Admissions Office (if needed) to receive clearance for registration.

Transient students who plan to take online classes must complete the college's online learning orientation prior to registering for classes. They will register for classes using the college's online registration system (see New Student Registration.

Transient students must pay tuition and fees either online or to the cashier by the fee payment deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. The Financial Aid staff automatically covers tuition and fees of transient students who submit HOPE transient letters to the Athens Technical College Financial Aid Office prior to the day transient students register for classes.

After completing courses, transient students must pay the $5 transcript fee in order to have official transcripts sent to their home institutions. They must submit completed and signed transcript request forms and the payment receipts to the Office of Registration and Records. The director of registration and records will process transcript request forms and mail official transcripts to transient students' home institutions after all instructors submit all grades for all students for that term.

Athens Technical College does not guarantee enrollment to transient students. Transient students may enroll in classes if space is available.