Catalog 2018-2019

Instructor Responsibilities

Faculty have the primary responsibility of ensuring that academic honesty is maintained in the courses they teach; therefore, they have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to inform students of the academic honesty rules that apply to particular academic work and the specific types of academic assistance that are permissible in connection with that academic work. Faculty is also responsible for following the steps outlined in this policy. When alleged violations are being resolved through the mediated discussion process or by student judiciary committee hearings, the instructor shall permit the student to complete all required academic work and shall evaluate and grade all work except the assignment(s) involved in the accusation of dishonesty. The instructor may, however, take any action reasonably necessary to collect and preserve evidence of the alleged violation and to maintain or restore the integrity of the exam or laboratory conditions. Requests for a course withdrawal will not be approved unless it is determined that no violation occurred.

An instructor who suspects that a student has violated the academic honesty policy within the context of clinical patient care may prohibit the student from any and all patient care responsibilities and from attendance at all clinical affiliate institutions until the issue is resolved. The instructor must notify the vice president for student affairs immediately of the prohibition. The student will be allowed to make up any clinical assignments without academic penalty if it is determined that no violation of the academic honesty policy occurred.