Catalog 2020-2021

Transient Student Registration

Transient students are eligible to complete the online registration process during new student registration or during late registration. The college will assess a $45 late fee for those who register during late registration. Directions on how to use the registration system are available online. A staff member in the Admissions Office clears transient students to register for eligible courses provided they submit the college's Transient Course Request form to the Admissions Office.

Transient students requesting to take an online class must complete the approval process to take online classes (see Advisement for Online Classes). Transient students must pay their tuition and fees online or to the cashier on the day they register for classes unless they have submitted HOPE financial aid transient letters to the Financial Aid Office at Athens Technical College. Financial Aid staff will automatically cover tuition and fee charges of eligible students approved to receive these benefits. Students must pay their tuition, fees, and all other charges not covered by financial aid or they will be removed from classes for non-payment (see Tuition/Fee Payment Deadline). Please note that Athens Technical College does not bill students. Instructions for paying tuition and fees online are available on the college website.