Catalog 2020-2021

Withdrawing From Online Courses

Students who are taking online classes may withdraw from classes through the online student registration system through the 61 percent withdrawal deadline as indicated on the academic calendar. Directions on how to use the online student registration system to withdraw from classes are available on the college website.

Students will be able to drop all but one class through the online student registration system. To drop the last remaining class, they will need to complete the withdrawal process by emailing their instructors and through their email account or the online course delivery system to provide notification that they are withdrawing from their classes.

Instructors will assign grades of either WP or WF if students withdraw after the 61 percent withdrawal deadline and before the final withdrawal deadline. Instructors will notify students by email of the assigned grades. Instructors will then forward the students' original emails requesting the withdrawal and information on the students' grades to the Registration and Records Office.

Students who are taking both face-to-face and online courses during any given semester must follow the same procedures outlined in Withdrawing From Classes. Withdrawing from online courses may affect students' satisfactory academic progress and the amount of financial aid they receive for the semester. Furthermore, they may have to repay a portion of the tuition and fees that financial aid cannot cover because of the withdrawal (see Withdrawing From or Dropping Classes in the section on Financial Aid).