Catalog 2020-2021

AUTT 2020 Automotive Manual Drivetrain and Axles (2-5-4)

This course introduces the basics of rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive line-related operations, diagnosis, service, and related electronic controls. Topics include drive shaft and half shaft, universal and constant-velocity (CV) joint diagnosis and repair, ring and pinion gears and differential case assembly, limited slip differential, drive axle shaft, and four-wheel drive/all-wheel drive component diagnosis and repair. The course also introduces the basics of front- and rear-wheel drive. It includes instruction on clutch operation, diagnosis, and service. Discussion topics also focus on electronic controls related to transmission/transaxles operations, clutch diagnosis and repair, and transmission/transaxles diagnosis and repair.

Offered Fall


AUTT 1010, AUTT 1020 or AUTT 1021 and AUTT 1022


AUTT 1010, AUTT 1020 or AUTT 1021 and AUTT 1022

Syllabus for this course