Catalog 2020-2021

Commercial Truck Driving

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Commercial Truck Driving program should contact the admissions staff at the Elbert County Campus or the Walton County Campus to obtain an admissions application packet. The telephone number for the Elbert County Campus is (706) 213-2100, and the telephone number for the Walton County Campus is (706) 552-0901. Applicants must submit the following information to the Student Affairs Office at either the Elbert County Campus or the Walton County Campus:

  • Completed and signed application for admission and a $25 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Valid ACCUPLACER, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT, or ACT test scores (see ACCUPLACER Placement Examination).
  • Require CLP's by 1st day of class.
  • Provide proof of legal presence in the United States.
  • Completed and signed Acknowledgment of Understanding forms, which cover the age and DUI restrictions acknowledgments.
  • An official three-year motor vehicle report.
  • Official birth certificates, passports, driver's licenses, or state-issued photo identification cards to document that they are at least 18 years old.

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates commercial driver licensing and requires a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and drug test in addition to a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Report prior to the issuance of a Georgia Commercial Learner' Permit (CLP) or Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Furthermore, random drug testing is required during the course of the Commercial Truck Driving program (FMCSA Regulations 382.305 and 391, subpart E). EZ DOT, LLC will visit the campus and perform the required drug test during the first 3 days of CTDL 1010 course. Students must be able to produce negative results on he drug screening and submit a satisfactory physical by the end of the CTDL 1010 course and prior to beginning the CTDL 1020 course if they wish to remain in the program. An applicant/student driver who fails a drug and/or alcohol test may not be able to complete the CTD program at Athens Technical College or any TCSG institution until documentation of successful completion of a return to duty program as prescribed by a Substance Abuse Professional has been received.

Applicants should note that three-year motor vehicle report must contain no more than eight current points, no more than five points in a previous single year, and no more than four moving violations on the Georgia Violator Scale. Applicants cannot have any DUI, open container, or controlled substance or drug violations within the past five years of the anticipated date of enrollment in the program. Program applicants must submit signed forms indicating that they understand the employment limitations associated with DUI, open container, or controlled substance or drug violations.