Catalog 2020-2021

Industrial Systems Technology

Nature of the Work

Industrial systems technicians maintain and repair the various machines used in industry. Their job title may be industrial electrician or industrial mechanic, but more often it is automation technician. To keep automated machines and robots in good working order, these workers must be able to detect minor problems and correct them before they become larger problems. Industrial systems technicians use technical manuals, their understanding of the equipment, and careful observation to discover the cause of the problem.

Automated electronic control systems are becoming increasingly complex thus making diagnosis more challenging. With these systems, repairers use software programs and testing equipment to diagnose malfunctions. Among their diagnostic tools are multimeters, which measure voltage, current, and resistance. After diagnosing the problem, the technician may disassemble the equipment to repair or replace the necessary parts. Increasingly, industrial systems technicians must have the electrical, electronics, and computer programming skills to repair sophisticated equipment on their own. Once they make a repair, they must perform tests to ensure that the machine is running smoothly. Primary responsibilities also include preventive maintenance. For example, they adjust and calibrate automated manufacturing equipment such as industrial robots.