Catalog 2021-2022

Development Activities

Athens Tech Foundation, Inc. — The Athens Tech Foundation Inc. was incorporated in January 1988 as a nonprofit organization whereby funds, property, and other types of financial assistance – primarily from businesses, industries, corporate and private foundations, and individuals – are available to the college for the support and development of educational, cultural, social, civic, and professional endeavors.  The mission of the foundation is to partner with Athens Technical College and with the community to build the workforce of today and for the future. The members of the board of directors are distinguished business and civic leaders from the counties of the service area.

Athens Technical College Alumni Association — The Athens Technical College Alumni Association was established to encourage former students to continue to participate in the development of the college. The association’s purpose is (a) to involve the alumni in activities and events which promote the respective missions and goals of Athens Technical College, the Athens Tech Foundation, and the Association; (b) to promote close fellowship among the alumni, faculty, staff, and students of Athens Technical College; and (c) to foster community support for Athens Technical College and the Athens Tech Foundation by representing the high standards and traditions of the college and by articulating the college’s contribution to workforce development. The Athens Technical College Alumni Association is a component of the Athens Tech Foundation.