Catalog 2021-2022

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Student Success

  • Expand and enhance optimal learning opportunities for students.
  • Advance student success through a focus on the achievement of learning outcomes for all students with the active involvement of all employees.
  • Advance student success through a focus on improving persistence and graduation rates.
  • Enhance pathways for students to transition from high school, home school, or adult education to Athens Technical College and from Athens Technical College to four-year institutions or to the workplace.

Faculty/Staff Investment

  • Develop college faculty and staff.
  • Expand the number of full-time faculty and staff to better address the full complement of student needs.

Workforce and Community Development

  • Identify and close workforce gaps.
  • Enhance continuing and community education opportunities at all campus locations.
  • Emphasize lifelong learning opportunities Redesign and implement the college Work Ethics program.

Technology Integration

  • Expand the use of technology throughout the college.


  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of the college.