Catalog 2021-2022

Student Judiciary Committee

Hearing for Disputed Cases If the faculty member and the student cannot reach an agreement about the appropriate consequence(s) for an alleged violation of the academic honesty policy, the matter will be referred back to the vice president for student affairs. The vice president will then schedule a meeting of the student judiciary committee to hear the case and notify the student by certified mail and/or phone, the date, time, and location of the hearing. The student judiciary committee hearing will be held no more than fifteen days after the student reasonably should have received notification. In the event that additional time is necessary, the judicial advisor will notify the student in writing. Written notification of the need to extend the time will be sent by certified mail and by email to the student’s email account. The procedures for conducting a student judiciary committee are published as part of the Student Code of Conduct (see Student Code of Conduct outlined later in this section).

If the student judiciary committee finds the student guilty of an academic honesty infraction, the student must receive zero points for the activity for which the infraction occurred. First offense violations may also result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Final course grade of F
  • Suspension for a period of one or more academic terms
  • Expulsion

A suspension allows a student to return to the institution after a specified period of time. Readmission to the college does not guarantee the student the opportunity to reenroll in the program of study from which he or she was suspended. An expulsion means that the student is ineligible to return to the institution.

If the student judiciary committee finds that extraordinary circumstances warrant the imposition of a consequence other than what is described above, the committee shall state in writing the reasons for the extraordinary circumstances and why an alternate consequence is considered appropriate. The vice president for student affairs will provide written notification to the student of the sanctions imposed as a result of a guilty ruling by the student judiciary committee.