Catalog 2021-2022

Athens Technical College Emergency Notification System

As part of a continuing effort to ensure a safe college environment, Athens Technical College implemented a rapid emergency notification system that allows the college to convey time-sensitive information within minutes through a single communication to students, faculty and staff. With the RAVE Alert System, Athens Technical College can schedule, send, and track personalized voice, email, and text messages. These messages can be sent via three different modes of communication:

  • Voice messages to home, work, and/or cell phones.
  • Text messages to cell phones, PDAs, and other text-based devices.
  • Written messages to email accounts.

Notifying appropriate parties immediately is crucial in emergencies such as severe environmental conditions, acts of campus violence, or circumstances that call for immediate notification or action. Accurate, timely communication helps to minimize the spread of misinformation. These emergency messages can also provide detailed instructions on what steps individuals should take.

Athens Technical College students, faculty, and staff are automatically added to the emergency notification system. Every person is encouraged to review his or her emergency notification system contact information for accuracy and to add additional contact information such as cell phone numbers to the notification list. Please go to each semester to register or update your information. Athens Technical College tests its emergency notification system on a semi-annual basis. An announcement indicating the date and time of the test message will be sent to all faculty, staff, and students.