Catalog 2021-2022

Counseling Services

While attending college can be an exciting time in the life of a student, it can also come with a number of challenges when family, school, and work responsibilities begin to compete for a student’s time. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from our Counseling Office, located in our Student Success Center. Although unable to provide ongoing counseling, a Counseling Coordinator can assist students who are in crisis, seeking to identify opportunities for academic and personal growth, or struggling with day-to-day challenges. A Counseling Coordinator can also help connect students with other on-campus services. If additional counseling services are needed, we offer referrals to mental health resources in the community, which are able to serve students on an ongoing basis. In cases involving a referral, Counseling Services can assist students in locating a mental health provider who either accepts a student's current insurance coverage or extends a sliding fee scale. Students may contact a Counseling Coordinator at either (706) 552-0984 or (706) 227-7174 to obtain assistance through the Office of Counseling Services.