Catalog 2021-2022

Live Work

As part of their laboratory experiences, students in Automotive Collision Repair, Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary, Dental Hygiene, and Diesel perform program-related work for faculty and staff members and fellow students. The Cosmetology and Dental Hygiene programs also seek and accept members of the general public as clients/patients.

In consulting with faculty, administration, and program advisory committee members, each program chair has developed and implemented a written live work plan with the following components:

  • A description of how completion of live work supports and enhances the curriculum.
  • The types of work that may be performed and for whom.
  • The parameters within which live work may be conducted (day/times).
  • The procedures to be followed.
  • The customers' assumption of risk for the work being performed.
  • The costs related to services (fees and/or purchase of parts and supplies).

Live work plans further stipulate that students and facilities will not be used for personal gain or profit and ensure that live work projects are not of a production nature and thus do not compete with private enterprises. Live work projects are designed for compliance with the Governor's Executive Order on Ethics.

Live work cannot and will not be performed solely by instructors; student participation is required. Live work will be performed consistent with established program standards and desired student learning outcomes. Procedures for live work projects are available on the college website. Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the webpage.