Catalog 2021-2022

Student Email Accounts

Athens Technical College has partnered with Microsoft and its Live@EDU program to provide free Athens Technical College email accounts and other services for all registered students. Student email accounts are created once students have been accepted to the college. Each student email address is composed of the first name, last name, and the last three digits of the student's ID number followed by For example, John Smith with student ID number 910210706 would be assigned the email address of The email password will be randomly generated and information on retrieving that password will be included on the admission's acceptance letter. Additional information on student email accounts may be obtained on the college website. Student email accounts are periodically removed when students are no longer enrolled at the college. 

All official communications from the Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Student Affairs, which includes Admissions, Career Services, Disabilities Services, Financial Aid, Registration and Records, Student Activities, and Testing Services, will be sent to students' email addresses once they are accepted to the college. The Office of Student Affairs will email information on registration dates, financial aid eligibility, academic probation/dismissal, and all other forms of official communication to currently enrolled students via their official college email address. Students must check their email account on a regular basis and must use their student email accounts for all correspondence with college personnel.