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Title IX Compliance

Title IX Compliance

Athens Technical College complies with the rules and regulations concerning sex discrimination in education as set forth by the federal government under Title IX.

Procedures for reporting, investigating, and resolving all Title IX complaints can be found in the TCSG Policy Manual, Procedure 6.1.2p- Sexual Harassment and Misconduct.

Athens Technical College has participated in the following training courses per Title IX requirements:

Any questions concerning Title IX should be directed to the appropriate Title IX Coordinator listed below:


Lenzy Reid

Vice President for Student Affairs

800 US Highway 29 North

Athens, Georgia 30601



Faculty and Staff:

Sherri Heath

Director of Human Resources

800 US Highway 29 North

Athens, Georgia 30601



Students seeking counseling services from the college may call 706-552-0984 for assistance. Anyone in need of immediate resources concerning sexual harassment or assault are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement office, or one of the community partners listed below;


The Cottage

24 hour Crisis Hotline




Project Safe Crisis Hotline