Catalog 2021-2022

Returning Student Registration

Returning students register for classes during Returning Student Registration as listed on the academic calendar. Students must meet with their advisors each academic term to discuss program requirements, develop their class schedules, and receive their registration access codes/alternate pin. Students register for classes via the online student registration system. Directions on using registration system are available online. After registering for classes, students must pay their tuition, fees, and all other charges, or they will be removed from classes for non-payment (see Tuition/Fee Payment Deadline).

The college establishes registration dates based on the number of credit hours accrued by students; students closest to graduating receive scheduling preference. Students who attend an advising session on one of the college's scheduled advising days are eligible to register for classes during Early Owl Registration during the dates listed on the academic calendar. Special admission students who are taking classes during the current academic term are considered returning students for the subsequent academic term.

Returning students who fail to register for classes during the returning student registration period must wait until the late registration period to register for classes. The college will assess a $45 late fee when students register for classes during late registration periods. This fee is not covered by financial aid unless students authorize the college to access Pell funds to do so.