Catalog 2021-2022

Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

Travel and Tourism Management

Planning a weekend getaway by car, school tours at a museum, flying overseas to see the one of the 7 Wonders of the World, or taking a 7-day cruise, this industry has endless opportunities to have enjoyable experiences while seeing the world. travel and tourism is all about final destinations and how to navigate people to their desired locations.

Travel and Tourism Mangers can work in establishments that are end destinations like National Parks as Tour Operators, become Entertainment Managers on a cruise line, or work at a city's Convention and Visitor's Bureau as a Sales Manager. This area requires a lot of detail to mapping and planning travel schedules as well as providing events for individuals and groups to enhance their destination experiences.

Travel and tourism industry managers also perform Administrative duties such as seasonal reports and event planning, as well as Human Resources Functions such as hiring and training. There are other Health and Safety standards and Legal requirements that managers must adhere to and ensure are being followed as operational components of the business.