Catalog 2021-2022

Athens Tech Foundation Scholarships, Awards, and Access Funds

The Athens Tech Foundation Inc. provides merit-based scholarships to recognize students who achieve academic excellence.  Merit-based scholarships for current Athens Technical College students and graduating high school students within the college's service area are posted during spring semester. Many additional opportunities are available through scholarships, awards, and access funds which are posted each semester. Information about the opportunities is available on the Athens Tech Foundation's webpage (www.athens

Disbursements  do not begin until the following semester. Recipients must reimburse the Athens Tech Foundation if they withdraw from classes within seven calendar days after the start of the semester. Recipients who leave the college for two consecutive semesters or who graduate forfeit any unused portion of their funds if applicable.


How to Apply for Athens Tech Foundation Scholarships, Awards, and Access Funds

Detailed information about scholarships, awards, and access funds available through the Athens Tech Foundation is accessible on the Foundation scholarship website. Students should review each scholarship for specific application deadlines, eligibility requirements, and instructions on the application process. Students must apply for scholarships online. Existing students begin the application process by clicking on the Retrieve Password link on the scholarship website, while new students begin by clicking on the Sign Up link. A selection committee will evaluate applications and recipients will be contacted by the Athens Tech Foundation.