Catalog 2021-2022

Dental Assisting

Essential Functions

The purpose of the essential functions list is to allow prospective students who are considering a career to be informed of the physical, emotional, and psychological demands related to training and employment in a field of study. These lists are provided to allow prospective students to make informed career choices by providing them with a summary of the physical abilities and personality traits that are generally required for the successful completion of a curriculum and result in employment in a field of study after graduation. According to the nature of the work required in the Dental Assisting program, students must be able to perform the following essential functions:

  • Reach, manipulate, and operate equipment necessary for the dental assistant.
  • Possess the dexterity to manipulate and mix dental materials.
  • Visually assess patients' conditions and clearly see patients' teeth from a distance of 20 inches.
  • Move, adjust, and position patients as needed.
  • Communicate effectively in English using verbal, non-verbal, and written formats with faculty, other students, patients, and all members of the dental team.
  • Have sufficient emotional stability and responsibility to withstand the stresses, uncertainties, and changing circumstances that characterize the work duties of dental assisting.
  • Work in a sitting position for at least one hour at a time.
  • Display flexibility and adaptability.
  • Possess the ability to demonstrate professional behaviors and a strong work ethic and comply with the Dental Assisting Code of Ethics.
  • Administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.