Catalog 2021-2022

Emergency Medical Technician

Program Expenses

The Higher Education Act requires all colleges and universities to notify students and prospective students of the all program costs for which they will be responsible. Students will be responsible for the following expenses:

 Admissions Fees 

  • Nonrefundable application fee ($25)
  • Program Placement Examination ($60)

Outside Vendor Fees Prior to Beginning EMSP Courses

(The specifics of the items listed below will be discussed at the program orientation)

  • Hepatitis B Immunization ($200)
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test ($45 for two tests)
  • Equipment (Approximately $125)
  • Uniforms (Approximately $100)

Semester Fees

  • Tuition ($100 per credit hour)
  • Accident Insurance Fee ($6 per term)
  • Campus Supply Fee ($40 per term)
  • Instruction Fee ($55 per term)
  • Parking Fee ($20 per term)
  • Campus Safety Fee ($25 per term)
  • Registration Fee ($50 per term)
  • Student Activity Fee ($30 per term)
  • Technology Fee ($105 per term)

Throughout the Program 


  • Background Checks and Drug Screenings (Approximately $110 per required check/screening)



  • Malpractice Insurance ($47 per year)
  • Textbooks (Approximately $600) Supply Fee (Varies — See course descriptions for exact amount)
  • Supply Fee (Varies - See course descriptions for exact amount)

Outside Vendor Fees at Program Completion

  • NREMT EMT Licensure Exam Fee ($80) (AEMT students must take the EMT written licensure exam before taking the AEMT practical and written examinations)
  • NREMT AEMT Practical Examination Fee ($125 to $150 depending on modules taken)
  • NREMT Written Examination Fee ($115)
  • State of Georgia Licensure Fee ($75)
  • State of Georgia Background Check ($45)

These expenses are based on costs in effect at the time this catalog was published. Prices are subject to change.