Catalog 2021-2022

Interdisciplinary Studies

Essential Functions

The purpose of the essential functions list is to allow prospective students who are considering a career to be informed of the physical, emotional, and psychological demands related to training and employment in a field of study. These lists are provided to allow prospective students to make informed career choices by providing them with a summary of the physical abilities and personality traits that are generally required for the successful completion of a curriculum and result in employment in a field of study after graduation. For students to be successful in the Interdisciplinary Studies program, they must be able to perform the following essential functions:

  • Write letters and prepare financial reports using concise, grammatically correct language.
  • Speak clearly, distinctly, and effectively using tact and diplomacy with individuals or groups.
  • Listen effectively to clients, supervisors, and colleagues.
  • Communicate clearly and objectively the scope of work, findings, or recommendations through the preparation of written and oral reports.
  • Use strong research skills and techniques to access relevant information and guidelines in order to understand and apply findings to a specific project or assignment.
  • Display effective problem solving and decision-making skills, sound judgment, and innovative and creative thinking.
  •  Use strategic and critical approaches to decision-making in order to consider issues objectively, identify alternatives, and select and implement solutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage effectively a variety of multi-dimensional, multi-step projects including human, financial, property, and technical resources.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to objectivity, integrity, and ethical behavior and stable work performance, as well as a commitment to the continuous acquisition of new skills and knowledge.
  • Use technology tools effectively and efficiently to complete required tasks and communicate results.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work effectively with individuals in a diversity of roles and with varying interests in the outcome.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to embrace change.