Catalog 2021-2022

Surgical Technology

Admission Requirements

The Surgical Technology program uses a competitive admission process to select students. Program faculty and the Admissions Office staff designed the process to ensure maximum opportunity for student success in the program. The program admits students once per year at the beginning of spring semester. Prospective students may gain admission to the college initially as Healthcare Assistant or Healthcare Science program students/applicants to Surgical Technology in order to complete any learning support classes and required general core and health core courses.

Applicants must submit all required documentation to the Admissions Office by September 1 of the year they seek admission to the program in order to receive consideration in the selection process. Applicants who are on academic probation or are academically dismissed from the college as of the application deadline will not be considered for admission. Applicants not selected may reapply during subsequent admission intake periods. There is no waiting list between intake periods; applicants must complete the application process for each attempt for entry into the program.

Applicants must submit the following information to the Admissions Office by the application deadline for the year the seek admission to the program:


Completed and signed application for admission and a $25 nonrefundable application fee.

Applicants must take the ATI TEAS examination no later than August in order to receive consideration in the selection process. Applicants must also attend a mandatory pre-admission orientation session if invited. Failure to attend or to make alternate arrangements to obtain necessary information will result in the forfeiture of admission to the program.

Students must complete the following general core and health core courses prior to enrolling in Surgical Technology (SURG) classes:

Students must have the following documents on file in the Surgical Technology Office prior to entering SURG 2110:

  • Basic cardiac life support certification.
  • Verification of accident and malpractice insurance (see Malpractice Insurance).
  • Record of physical exam with a physician's statement that the student is in satisfactory health. PPD and/or chest x-ray results, hepatitis screen results, and documentation of immunity to rubella, measles, varicella, and influenza vaccination.
  • A signed document acknowledging that the commission of a felony before or during their enrollment in this program may prevent graduates from participating in clinical activities and/or taking the certification exam to become surgical technologists, and that they may be required to complete drug testing and/or background checks at their own expense prior to participating in internships, practicum, or clinical activities at certain host sites for these activities (see Drug Testing/Background Checks). Blank documents are available from the program chair and the college website