Catalog 2021-2022

Surgical Technology

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the associate of applied science degree and diploma programs in Surgical Technology will:

  • Be competent in the general areas of communications, math, and professional relations.
  • Be competent as skilled surgical technologists, qualified by didactic and clinical training, to provide services in the operating room.
  • Be prepared to function in association with nurses and surgeons to help provide the best possible care for the surgical patient.
  • Function as part of the operating room team responsible for the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of the operating room.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and experience with surgical aseptic techniques necessary to prepare materials for use at the operating table and to assist in the use of these materials.
  • Demonstrate an ability to relate to people, an orientation towards service to people, and a capacity for calm and reasoned judgment in meeting emergencies.
  • Adhere to the legal and ethical guidelines of the profession.
  • Demonstrate the necessary knowledge to successfully complete the certification examination for surgical technologists.
  • Demonstrate the personal and professional ethics and interpersonal skills that are expected in the workplace.