Catalog 2021-2022

Student Representation in Governance

Students' role in institutional decision-making is an advisory one accomplished through the Athens Technical College Student Advisory Council (ATCSAC). ATCSAC is a student organization that represents the interests of all Athens Technical College students. ATCSAC provides a formal means for students to express their desires, concerns, and ideas to the college administration. ATCSAC is also responsible for approving the policies governing student organizations and student activities, including advising the administration on the use of funds allocated as student activity fees. The director of student activities serves as the college advisor for ATCSAC.

ATCSAC holds elections for officers from within the entire student body during Spring Semester each year. The permanent slate of officers includes the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The officers serve on the Executive Board of the Student Advisory Committee. The Executive Board approves expenditures of student activity fees, oversees budget requests submitted by student organizations, determines fund raising policies for student organizations, evaluates fund-raising activities conducted by student organizations, establishes meeting schedules for the student advisory council, reviews and recommends changes to the by-laws of the council, and coordinates the activities of the council. Appointed representatives from each program of study advise the Executive Board on these issues.

Appointed program representatives and elected officers serve a one-year term that begins with Fall Semester. Students interested in service on the council should contact their representative program chairs or the director of student activities. Additional information on ATCSAC is available on the college website (; select Current Students and then Student Activities before selecting Student Advisory Council).