Catalog 2021-2022

Visitors on Campus

As a public, taxpayer-supported institution, Athens Technical College welcomes and encourages members of the community to visit its various campuses. Visitors shall be defined as individuals other than current students, employees, or board members of the college or its affiliate foundation.

For security purposes, visitors must sign in upon their arrival on campus and display visitor dash cards in their vehicles. Sign-in sheets and parking dash cards are available in the director's offices at the Greene and Walton campuses and in the Student Affairs Office at the Elbert County Campus. Visitors to the Athens Campus must sign in and obtain parking dash cards from the Office of Student Affairs, the Library, the Office of Economic Development Services, or the Office of Administration and Finance. Visitors who come onto the Athens Campus during evenings and weekends must sign in at the library. Vendors and invited guests obtain parking dash cards from the person they are to meet with while on campus. Visitor parking spaces are available in front of Building H — the Student Affairs/Student Center Building — on the Athens Campus.

All visitors are subject to Athens Technical College rules and regulations including, but not limited to, rules of student conduct as described in the Student Code of Conduct. Campus visitors who violate the rules and regulations of Athens Technical College shall be served with a warning notice that such behavior is not acceptable and may result in their being denied on a long-term basis the opportunity to be present on college property. Visitors who continue to violate college rules and regulations after receiving a warning notice will be barred from college property for a specified period of time.

Upon consulting with the college president, the vice president for student affairs is responsible for issuing warning notices and letters barring visitors from college property.