Catalog 2021-2022

Collection of Debts

Collection of Debts

Athens Technical College reserves the right to take legal action in its attempt to collect any and all amounts due from a student or third-party account.  Notice will be given in writing to the student and a hold will be placed on the account if any outstanding balance remains on the account.

Returned Checks

It is unlawful to issue bad checks.  When banks return checks for any reason, the cashier will notify the student to appear in person to make payment.  The student will be charged a $30 returned check fee.  The college will no longer accept checks from any student who issues a bad check to the college.  The Director of Registration and Records will not release any student records until students satisfy financial obligations to the college.

Not attending classes does not relieve students from the responsibility of paying for bad checks.  If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, the cashier’s office will refer the matter to the Clarke County Magistrate Court for collection.  Students are responsible for all court costs.

Outstanding Account Balances.

Athens Technical College attempts to collect outstanding balances due from student accounts.  Correspondence will be mailed to all students with an outstanding balance due to the college and a hold will be placed on the student account.  After the college has exhausted its attempts to collect from the student, the account will be turned over to a collection agency for collection attempts.