Catalog 2022-2023


Roderick Abdon (2021)

Maintenance Technician

Doug D. Allen (2004)

DFCS Regional Training Coordinator

A.A.T., Athens Technical College

A.A.S., B.A., Columbia College

Rebecca Allen (2005)

Executive Assistant, Office of the President

A.A.T., Athens Technical College

A.A.S., B.A., Columbia College


Oksana Anderson (2021)

Coordinator, Academic Advisor

B.A., Turkmen State University

M.A., University of Hamburg

Ph.D., Jawaharlal Nehru University


Scott Anderson (2021)

Assistant Director, Facilities

B.A., North Adams State College

M.Ed., University of South Carolina


Tommy Andrews (2020)

Instructional Aide, Adult Education


Thomas Mark Anthony (2021)

Police Lieutenant


Felicia Baker (2019)

Admissions Assistant, Student Affairs


Peggy Baker (2020)

Admissions Assistant, Student Affairs

Leigh Barnes (2014)

Career Coordinator, Adult Education

B.S., M.B.A., University of Phoenix

Human Resource Management Certificate, University of Phoenix

Geoff Barrow (2013)

Web Developer

B.B.A., The University of Georgia


Jennifer Batchelor (2021)

Data Entry Specialist

A.A.S., Athens Technical College


Nichole Baxter (2021)

Administrative Assistant, Finance and Administration

Tina Bone (1997)

Coordinator, Student Affairs Elbert Campus


Ronata Boswell (2018)



Shakina Browner (2020)


Ellie Bradshaw (2014)

Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs

A.A.S., Athens Technical College


Lindsey Brooker (2018)

Counselor, WIOA

B.A., University of Minnesota Duluth

M.S.W., The University of Georgia

Cheri Carr (2008)

Asset Management Accountant

A.A.S., Athens Technical College


LaTanja Clark (2019)

Disability Services Coordinator, Student Support Services

B.A., Georgia State University

Additional Graduate Studies, University of North Georgia


Anthony Clarke (2020)



Tanya Coile

Student Affairs Assistant, Greene County Campus


Kenneth Coley (2019)

Counseling Coordinator, Student Support Services

M.S., Richmont Graduate University


Anitra Crawford-Cape (2019)

Admissions Assistant, Admissions

Andrea Daniel (1997)


B.A., Lander University

M.P.A., The University of Georgia

D.B.A., Northcentral University

Janet F. Davidson (2005)

Administrative Assistant, Business and Education

B.S., Cortland State University of New York


Barbara A. Davis (2007)

Specialist, Business Office

Diploma, Athens Technical College

Octavius Davis (2011)

Director of Student Accounts

B.B.A., The University of Georgia, Western Governor's University 

Linda Downer (2001)

Specialist, Financial Aid

A.A.S., Athens Technical College


Johnifer Echols (2013)

Maintenance Technician


Robert Ervin (2018)

Custodian, Floor Specialist

Qian (Jan) Fang (1996)


B.A., Hebei University (China)

M.L.S., University of Kentucky

Jessica Felts (2010)

Director, Student Support Services

B.S., M.P.A., The University of Georgia

Janice Fields (2001)

Administrative Assistant, Library

Diploma, Athens Technical College


Michael Fleming

Technician, Shipping and Receiving


Jeffrey Fletcher (2021)

Custodian, Walton County Campus


David Floyd (2022)

Director, Information Technology

B.M., Florida State University

M.A., The University of Georgia


Fabersha Flynt (2019)

Coordinator, Walton County Campus

B.A., Reinhardt University

M.A., University of Mississippi

M.Ed., Liberty University

M.S., Wilmington University


Ricardo Funez (2021)

Maintenance Specialist


John Gaissert (2016)

Chief of Police

B.B.A., The University of Georgia

M.S., Georgia State University

Tamika German (2011)

Accounts Payable Specialist

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

B.B.A., Shorter University

Sheba Grafton (2005)

Library Assistant

Diploma, North Georgia Technical College

A.A.T., Athens Technical College

B.S., Emmanuel College


George Hall (2019)

Technician, Shipping & Receiving


Candace Hammock (2022)


Sherri Heath (2005)

Director, Human Resources

B.S., Capella University


Joseph Hopkins (2018)

Maintenance Specialist, Evening


LaQuita Jackson (2019)

Security Officer


Satarus Jallah

Supervisor, Custodial

Cindy James (2007)

Research Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness

A.A.T., Athens Technical College


Anna Rose Jester

Coordinator, Counseling and Veterans Liaison


Brenda Joiner (2021)

Receptionist, Registration & Records


Stephanie Jones (2021)

Student Affairs Assistant

B.B.A., Georgia College & State University


Stephony Lewis (2013)

Coordinator, Veteran Affairs Advisement

B.A., M.Ed., The University of Georgia


Andrea Livingston (2021)

Payroll Specialist, Human Resources

Missy Lockhart (2011)

Director, Online Learning and eCampus

General Education and Online Learning Division

A.S., Georgia Military College

B.S., Clayton State University

M.Ed., Valdosta State University


Virginia Lones (2019)

Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

Linda Long (2011)

Coordinator, Financial Aid

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

B.S., Georgia Military College


Olivia Malanoski (2021)

Admissions Specialist, Admissions and Dual Enrollment


Ross Manders (2018)

Technical Support Specialist, Information Technology

Diploma, Athens Technical College

Courtney Mattox (2018)

Coordinator, Human Resources

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

B.B.A., Ashford University

Shelby Maxwell (2015)

Coordinator, Special Populations

B.S., The University of Georgia

Al McCall (2013)

Vice President, Economic Development

B.A., The University of Georgia

Justin McCannon (2015)

Information Systems Administrator

A.A.S., Athens Technical College


Laurie McDowell (2021)

Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness

B.S., Ball State University

M.S., University of St. Francis

Ph.D., Barry University


Tracie McGhee (2008)

Coordinator, High School Relations

B.B.A., The University of Georgia


Becky McKay

Receptionist, Dental Assisting

Carla Michele (1998)

Purchasing Specialist

A.S., Community College of the Air Force

Shirley Moon (2014)

Coordinator, Financial Aid

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

B.S., Troy University

Kim Moore (1998)

Assistant Counselor, WIOA

Diploma, Athens Technical College


Manieka Norman (2021)

Administrative Assistant, Elbert County Campus


Marvin Nunnally

Coordinator, Economic Development


Joshua Paine (2021)

Executive Director, Pubic Relation & Institutional Advancement

B.S., M.A., The University of Georgia

Andrew Palmer (2015)

Executive Director, Training and Continuous Improvement

B.S., Georgia Southern University

M.S., Georgia Southwestern State University


Dianna Pearce (2018)

Career Counselor, WIOA

B.S., Coleman University

B.S., M.S., Grand Canyon University

Ed.D., Walden University

Susan Perdue (2013)

Counselor, WIOA Program

B.S., The University of Georgia

Michele Petee (2007)

Coordinator, Career Academy

A.A., Lake Tahoe Community College

B.A., California State University

Donna Pierce (2001)

Administrative Assistance, Academic Affairs

A.A.S., Athens Technical College


Levarius Pittman (2022)

Custodian, Day


Marius Pope (2021)



Ali Reid (2014)


Lenzy M. Reid III (2000)

Vice President, Student Affairs

B.S., Georgia College


Shirley Reid (2018)


Hugh David Reynolds (2006)

Coordinator, Academic Support Center

B.S., Lee University

M.A., Georgia State University

Additional graduate studies, The University of Georgia


Jermaine Richardson (2019)



Ryan Rose (2019)

Counselor, Admissions

B.A., The University of Georgia

Marchelle Massey Sandoval (2008)

Transition Specialist, Adult Education

Diploma, A.A.S., Athens Technical College

B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Scott Sapera (2012)

Coordinator, Testing Services

B.B.A., James Madison University

M.B.A., Piedmont College


Stephanie Savage (2021)



Daniel Scott (2022)

Custodian, Elbert County Campus

Brandon Segars (2016)

Student Accounts Specialist


Tony Sharpe

Supervisor, Maintenance Elbert County Campus


Jennifer Shea

Administrative Assistant, Economic Development


Amber Shipley (2020)

Administrative Assistant, Adult Education

A.A.S., Lanier Technical College

Cindy D. Simmons (1995)

Coordinator, President’s Office


Arenzo Sims (2016)

Custodian, Elbert County Campus

Carol Stanley (1995)

Director, Library Services

B.A., North Carolina State University

M.L.S., University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Ryan Stanley (2007)

Director, Accounting Finance and Administration

A.A.T., Athens Technical College

B.S., Old Dominion University


Kennedy Stribling (2021)

Groundkeeper, Elbert County Campus

Chris Thaxton (2014)

Director, Institutional Effectiveness

B.A., Augusta State University

M.A., University of New Orleans


Christine Thomas (2020)


Crystal Thomas (2009)

Accounts Receivable Specialist

A.S., Athens Technical College

B.B.A., Brenau University


Kathryn S. Thomas (1995)

Vice President, Finance and Administration

B.B.A., The University of Georgia

Certified Public Accountant

Beth Thornton (2013)

Librarian, Distance Education and Outreach Librarian

B.A., Scripps College

M.A.L.S., Dominican University

M.Ed., The University of Georgia


Teresa Tory (2019)

Student Affairs Assistant, Walton County Campus

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

John Usry (2017)

Coordinator, Academic Advisement

B.S., The University of Georgia

James A. Walter (2001)

Executive Director, Facilities Maintenance and Operations


Hillary Watson (2021)

Testing Specialist

B.A., Ashford University


Jennifer Welborn

Director, Institutional Advancement and Public Relations

John Robert White (2007)

Assistant, Registrar Office

B.B.A., Georgia Southern University


Antoine Williams (2018)

Floor Specialist


Daniel Williams (2021)


Lauren Williams (2014)

Director, Admissions

B.S., The University of Georgia


Elizabeth Woolridge (2019)

Coordinator, Student Services

B.S., Virginia Polytechnic & State University

M.S., Georgia State University