Catalog 2022-2023

Academic Rights

Students have the right to attend classes during their regularly scheduled times without deviation from such times and without penalty if students cannot attend instructional hours not institutionally scheduled. Students have the right to access a syllabus, which outlines course objectives and requirements, for each course, and to receive information regarding any changes in these syllabi at the beginning of each semester. The college recognizes that discussion and expression of all views relevant to the subject matter are fundamental to the educational process, but students have no right to interfere with the freedom of instructors to teach or the rights of other students to learn. Instructors set the standards of acceptable behavior by announcing these standards early in the term. If students behave disruptively in classes after instructors explain the unacceptability of such conduct, instructors must dismiss students for the remainder of that class period.

Instructors should initiate discussions with students to resolve the issues prior to the next class meeting. Further disruptions may result in a second dismissal and referral in writing to the vice president for student affairs. Students have the right to meet with their respective faculty advisors each semester to plan sequential programs of work that meet their educational objectives in the most efficient manner possible. Students have the right to consult with faculty outside of classroom time during regularly scheduled office hours or by appointment if necessary. Students have the right to access any of their records kept by the college upon reasonable request. Students have the right to appeal when issued a grade. Instructors award grades for student academic achievement. Instructors will not reduce grades as a disciplinary action for student action or behavior unrelated to academic achievement.