Catalog 2023-2024

Student Rights

Students are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations outlined in this catalog. Lack of familiarity with college rules and regulations does not exempt students from their responsibilities. Students who attend tax-supported postsecondary educational institutions are not compelled to do so. By voluntarily attending, students assume obligations of performance and behavior reasonably imposed by the college as it relates to the college’s mission and purpose.

The United States Constitution guarantees qualified students equal opportunity to attend Athens Technical College. The college may discipline students as long as there is no discrimination employed, no denial of due process, and no capricious, clearly unlawful, or unreasonable action employed. It is critical that the entire campus community understand the inherent rights entitled to students, as well as the responsibilities these rights entail. If everyone accepts and abides by these student rights and responsibilities, a more harmonious learning environment will result for the campus community.